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Privacy Policy (LYftIndia)

Your privacy is paramount for LYftIndia Online Cab Service Private Limited (the "Company", "we", "LYftIndia", "LYftIndia" or "us").

This Privacy Policy provides a detailed explanation of how we collect information, process, utilize data, and protect and share it about you. It also includes information on how to review and update your information as well as make choices regarding how your personal information is about how your data is used.

The Privacy Policy covers both "online" (e.g., web and mobile services, including any websites operated by us such as or Mobile Application, however, accessed or used, whether via personal computers, mobile devices, or otherwise). The "online" activities, regarding the facilitation of taxi hiring services by an online network of drivers and taxi companies, are collectively referred to by the term "Services."

This Privacy Policy is also applicable to the use of interactive features or downloads that:

  1. We manage or control.
  2. Are accessible via LYftIndia Services.
  3. Interact with the Services and publish or incorporate the Privacy Policy.

Be sure to read the following carefully to ensure that you know our privacy policies. If you don't agree with this Privacy Policy, Do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service or use our services. The privacy policy is incorporated into the Terms of Service and Customer Conditions.

If you have any concerns about the Privacy Policies, you can reach us by email at the address found on our website or the mobile application.


If not otherwise stated in the Privacy Policy, those terms that are capitalized within this Privacy Policy will be interpreted as defined in this Privacy Policy:

  1. "Device" shall mean computer or mobile device used to connect to the Services.
  2. "Device Identifier" shall mean IP address or another unique identifier that identifies the device.
  3. "Mobile Application" shall mean the application we provide on the device that allows access to the services.
  4. "Promotion" shall mean any contest or other promotion that we offer.
  5. "Protected Information" shall be defined as any information that can reasonably be used to locate you, such as your name, email address, mobile number, and postal address.
  6. "TPSP" shall mean a third-party service provider.



We may request that you provide us with certain Secured Information. We collect this information using various methods and in different places via the Services, including the registration form for your account or Contact Us forms or whenever you interact with us.

When you sign-up to use our Services, you will create your user profile. We'll request only the Protected Information that is legal and relevant to our Services and is required to be used by us. The fields of data currently that we may request are:

  1. Full name
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Gender
  5. Mobile phone Number
  1. Alongside any other Protected Information as well as other details you decide to provide to us as well, we, as well as our TPSP, might employ a variety of technology that automatically (or actively) collect certain types of information every time you use or visit our Services ("Usage Information"). This Usage Information could include the web browser you're using and the URL that directed you to the Services and all areas of our Services you access, the time of the day, and other details.


  1. The tracking information is collected when you move through our Services, including the following geographical regions. The driver's cell phone will relay your GPS coordinates during the journey for our server. The majority of GPS-enabled mobile phones will pinpoint a person's location to less than 50 meters.


  1. If you choose to upload the emergency contacts (name and number) in your account or the mobile application, we will collect and store this information to share the ride details with the connection in case of an emergency.


  1. Cookies can collect usage information. If you do not wish for data to be collected by cookie use, the browser permits you to reject or allow using cookies. Cookies can be turned off or restricted by setting a preference in your browser for web browsing or on your device. If you disable flash or cookies from your device, certain features of the Services might not function as they should or are unable to personalize the distribution of data to you. The Company does not control any use made of cookies (or the information they generate) by third parties. Using third-party cookies is not covered under Our Privacy Policy.




  1. We could, from the time at any time, add information we gather about your use of our website, Mobile Application or Services by obtaining external records obtained from third parties.



  1. We provide our Services offered via The Mobile Application. We may gather and utilize technical data and other information, which includes but not only technical information regarding your device as well as application and system software and peripherals. This information is collected periodically to enable the delivery update software, product support , and other services (if there are any) associated with these Mobile Applications.



    Our primary objective in collecting your data is to give you the best experience possible when making use of the Services.
  1. We utilize your data to keep track of which services are being used the most. This allows you to see your travel history or rate trips and to determine what features should work on improving using usage patterns as well as geographical locations to determine which areas we should make a particular feature, service, or resources.
  2. We utilize the data collected via our Mobile Application so that we're in a position to provide you with the most appropriate version of the app based on the type of device you are using to help you troubleshoot and, in certain cases, for marketing for marketing.
  3. We will send you only announcements regarding our service on rare occasions when it is required to send them out. For example, if our Services are temporarily shut down for maintenance, we could notify you via email. If you don't want to receive such emails, you can choose to cancel your account.
  4. We can use the data we obtain from you to find and look into the violations that violate this Privacy Policy, or any applicable conditions of service or conditions of use of this Mobile Application, and to examine chargeback, fraud or other related issues.
  5. We use this geolocation information to serve a variety of reasons such as to see the drivers within your area near your area, to allow you to choose your pick-up location and for drivers to pinpoint the pickup location as well as to permit you (if you wish to do so through any of the features we offer) to give this information to other individuals.
  6. Furthermore, we could utilize your Secured Information as well as Usage Information that we have collected from you in the following ways: (1) to give you information or services or conduct transactions you have asked for or consented to receive, for example, to send your electronic newsletters or to send you special promotions or offers for us or other entities; (2) to enable you to participate in number of Services including contests that are mobile or online, as well as various promotions. (3) in order to notify you regarding your usage or use of Services and, at our sole discretion, any changes to the Services or the Services policies. (4) in connection with internal business reasons; (5) for inclusion in our data analytics and (6) for purposes that are disclosed at the time you give your Personal Information, or in accordance with the other conditions specified within this Privacy Policy.



We do not share, sell, rent, share, or trade any information we've gathered regarding you, other than the information disclosed in our Privacy Statement or when you submit your Personal Information. Here are some instances when information can be given to others:


  1. WHEN YOU AGREE TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTIES. You may be offered the opportunity to receive information or offers directly from third party. If you choose to share Your Protected Information shared, your Protected Information will be disclosed to these third parties, and all information that you share is in compliance with the privacy policies and practices of the third parties. We are not accountable to the policies or practices of third parties. Therefore you must be aware of their privacy practices and policies those third parties prior to deciding to receive details from them. If you decide later that you no longer wish to receive communications from a third party it is your responsibility to make contact with that third party directly.


  1. We employ third-party organizations and individuals to help us provide our Services as well as to perform specific aspects of our Services for us - for example, drivers and businesses they work for offer the Services as well as other third-party providers such as OEM for hosting our Services or design and/or manage the Services features, monitor the Services analytics and process payments, participate in security and anti-fraud measures and provide customer service as well as geolocation information of our employees, permit us to notify you of special offers as well as host our job application form, provide the technical functions (e.g. without limitation maintenance databases, maintenance web analytics, and enhancement of the Services features) or other tasks. We can, for example, provide customer support, manage databases, offer geo-

Administrative services. Third parties are able to access the user's information, including Protected Information for the sole purpose of executing the tasks they perform on behalf of you or us. All of these third parties, including OEM must ensure the same degree of protection for data as we do and are required not to divulge or use protected information for any other purposes.


  1. TPSPs could create and use their own web beacons, cookies or embedded programs on your device and could also be able to access or collect information regarding you, including non-personally identifiable data. We work with a third-party hosting company that hosts our support section on our website. Information collected from the support section on our website by this third party is subject to the Privacy Policy.


  1. We might offer promotions through the Services that require registration. If you sign up for the Promotion, you are agreeing to the rules of the Promotion and may include particular requirements for you and include, for example, the permission of the organization that is sponsoring the Promotion to make use of the name of your voice,, and/or appearance in marketing or advertising that is associated with the Promotion. If you decide to participate in an Promotion and you accept that your Protected Information can be made available to public or third parties for the purposes of administering of that Promotion and, for example, for the purpose of determining winners as well as prize fulfillment when required by law or allowed by the Promotion's rules like winners lists.
  1. We cooperate with government as well as law enforcement authorities in enforcing and complying with the laws. We may, therefore, be able to access, utilize, maintain information, and transfer or disclose your Personal Information (including information that is protected information) to police or government officials, or in any way we consider necessary and appropriate:
  1. to satisfy any applicable laws, regulations or governmental request, such as subpoenas, subpoena or legal procedure;
  2. to protect and safeguard the Terms and Conditions applicable to mobile and online Services and other policies applicable to mobile and online Services and to investigate potential violations of these policies;
  3. to protect the rights, safety and property of the Company or the Services, Services or any other third party;
  4. to protect the security of the general public for any reasons;
  5. to detect and prevent or address security, fraud or other problems; and/or
  6. (vi) to stop or stop any activity that we think in the past, as well as present a risk of being, illegal ethical, illegal, or legally appropriate or legally actionable.


  1. Protected Information may be collected and shared with third-party parties when there is content on our Mobile Application that you specifically and willingly publish to, or send to an email recipient or online community, website or to the general public, e.g., uploaded images, uploaded reviews or feedback or other information about yourself or your vehicle that you decide to share with other users via options that are available via our Services. The uploaded, shared or transmitted content may comply with the privacy policies of the email address, the online community site, social media, or any other platform that you upload and share the content.


  1. The Services may include content provided by a third-party, and these third parties could gather information about the use of websites as well as your device Identifier when pages on any of the mobile or online Services are displayed on your device. Furthermore, when you access our Services, it is possible that you could be directed to other websites or apps that are owned and managed by third parties who we do not manage.
  2. We are not accountable in the practices of privacy used by these third party. For example, if you choose to click on an advertisement clicking on it may lead you off of one of our websites to another website. These websites may transmit your cookies, and independently collect data , or even solicit Protected Information and may or might not have their own privacy policies that are published. We suggest that you be aware of when you leave our Services and to review the privacy policies of all websites or apps prior to providing any protected Information to any third party.
  1. Our online services may contain social media tools like Facebook Like button, Facebook Like button, and widgets like Integrated Google Map . These features can track the IP address of your computer, photo as well as the web webpage you are on in our mobile or online Services, and could use a cookie to allow the feature to function correctly. The social media widgets and features are hosted by a third party or directly hosted on our web-based Services. All interactions that you make with such widgets and features are subject to the privacy policies of the organization that hosts them.
  1. This Privacy Policy will not govern the use of any information regarding you that is collected from the driver or by the Company that the driver is a part of when providing you with an opportunity to ride in a taxi that you book through the Services or in any other way, that is not supplied by us.
  1. You are accountable for the accuracy of information we provide to us, including your contact details provided during registration for your account. If your Protected Information changes, or if you no longer desire our Services, you may correct, delete inaccuracies, or Change data by making the changes on our member profile page and contacting us using the an email address on our site or in our Mobile Application. We will make every effort to meet your needs. efforts to update the information to our databases that are currently active when it is feasible to do so.
  2. You can also opt to cancel or change the frequency of communications you've chosen to receive through the Services using the instructions included in an email, or by accessing your account, and then changing the preferred communication settings.
  3. If upon changing or altering the information that was previously given to Us we discover that it is difficult to grant users access to the Services to you because of inadequate or incorrect information provided, we could at any time, in our sole discretion, stop your access to our Services by giving you with a formal notice in this regard to your email address that you have registered.
  4. If you would like to close your account, or request that we cease using your Personal Information to provide services, please Contact Us via the email address listed on the bill for the trip you paid. We will keep the Protected Information and Usage Information (including geo-location) for the duration of time that you have an account on the Services is in use and as required to provide you with the services. After your account is cancelled, we will maintain your protected information along with Usage Information (including geo-location, the history of your trip, as well as transactions history) when necessary to comply with the legal requirements and regulations, settle disputes, resolve any issues associated with the cancellation of your account, or to investigate or stop fraud or other unlawful activity and for the purpose of enforcing our agreement as well as for any other business reasons. After a time, the data could be aggregated and anonymized and may then be kept by us for as the time is needed to effectively provide our services However, the use we make of the data anonymized will only be for analytical purposes.
  1. Protected Information and Usage Information that we collect is safely stored in our databases. Additionally, we use industry-wide, standard commercially acceptable security methods like firewalls, encryption as well as SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect your data. However, as efficient as encryption technology may be however, no security system is completely safe. We cannot ensure your database's security, neither do we ensure that the information you submit won't be compromised when it is transmitted to us via wireless communication or the Internet or wireless communication as well as any information you provide to the Company you do so at the risk of your personal safety. We suggest that you do not reveal the details of your Login Credentials to anyone.
  1. LYftIndia hereby appoints LYftIndia Support Manager as the grievance officer for the purposes of the rules drafted under the Information Technology Act, 2000, who may be contacted at You can address any complaints you have regarding the terms of this privacy statement or the use or use of Protected Information or other data to him.
  1. At times we may revise the Privacy policy so that it reflects changes in our practices regarding information. Any modifications will become effective as soon as we post the amended policy. If we make significant modifications, we will inform you through the appropriate communication channels.
  2. We recommend that you regularly go through this page to find the most current information regarding our privacy practices.Your usage of our services following any changes made to the Policy will signify your agreement to the new policies.