Frequently asked questions?

For the customer.

Do I need to register on your site to book a rental?

Yes, you need to register yourself on the app.

What if the car doesn't show up?

First of all, we have a no-refusal policy, still if due to any unavoidable circumstance, the rider cancels, we provide you with another cab service immediately.

What if the car shows up late?

We ensure that our riders reach our customers on time but still in case of any delay our customers can contact our 24*7 support system and they will be at their service instantly.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Once the booking is made, a pop-up on the app confirms your booking and provides you with the tracking of the cab.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, the customer can change their booking at any given point after the ride starts by changing their drop locations and also before the cab arrives.

What are the different modes of payment you support?

We offer the following payment modes: UPI payment, cash, wallet payment, card payments, etc.

How to book the ride?

Whenever you want to travel, open the app, put up your travel destinations and choose the mode of transport you prefer, and request the ride.

Is LYFT India available all across Kolkata?

Yes, LYFT India provides its service all across Kolkata and its neighboring cities and locations in West Bengal as of now.

What is needed to register on the app?

You can register yourself with your email id or phone number.

For the driver.

Can I become a rider in West Bengal?

Yes, you can join LYFT India as a rider from anywhere in West Bengal.

What are the requirements to drive with LYFT India?

You need to adhere to the minimum age of driving set by the government, own a mode of transport, and submit all the required documents including valid address proof along with your driving license.

Is the LYFT India platform safe?

Your safety is our priority. LYFT India has a very dedicated safety policy for its riders. They have GPS-enabled vehicles along with a full-fledged support team at your service 24*7. To know more about it, visit the safety policy section on the app.

Do I need my car?

To ride with LYFT India, you can own a vehicle or buy it from the vehicle partners of the company.

How can I receive my ride fare?

You can request for withdrawal of your funds from the driver app.

Do I have any targets?

No, you can take as many rides as you want to and as few rides as you, please.

Will I have a fixed salary?

No, your earning completely depends on the number of successful rides you have served to the customer.