LYftIndia started its venture in the year 2021, with a dream mission to serve the community with Affordable Cab and Bike service in West Bengal. The company laid its foundation to vanish the day-to-day hassles of getting the perfect Online Cab and Bike Service in West Bengal, with all the personal inputs from the customer. They have taken an evolutionary step to personalize your experience of On-Demand service in West Bengal by giving the customers the liberty to choose whether they want an AC or a Non AC car at their service. With the help of this personalization, the company aims at bringing the breakeven to the concept of Budget-friendly cab service in West Bengal by personalizing the fare price according to the customer's choices. LYftIndia is emerging its wings and has launched its Cab and Bike service in West Bengal on 10th September 2022. The company is looking forward to bringing down 1000-2000 electric cars in near future, as it is known that electric cars are the future of the transport industry.


LYftIndia has started its venture with the only vision of providing the best Budget-friendly Cab and Bike service in West Bengal to its customers and improving the customer experience with the help of personalized online cab and bike services.



Our Mission

LYftIndia is working on a mission to improve the current scenario of daily hassles of Online Cab and Bike service in West Bengal, fare price fluctuations, and the major issue of choice i.e; whether the customer wants an AC car or a Non AC car or Bike.